13.4.2021 Workshop on “Equine nutrition”

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the content requirements of the study programme “Equine nutrition”, which is being developed by the staff of the Kaposvár Campus of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) within the framework of the EquiEdu program.
The workshop was held on the “Zoom” online platform in view of the current epidemiological situation.
Dr. Árpád Bokor (MATE), associate professor, host of the event, introduced the speakers, Dr. Róbert Tóthi and Dr. Anikó Vincze ( (MATE). Based on the presentation of Róbert Tóthi, the planned lectures within the framework of the BSc programs are expected to include the following topics:
Equine nutrition:
• Peculiarities of the horse's digestive system
• Nutrient needs of horses
• Mineral needs of horses
• Vitamins
• Water
• Basic feeds
• Feeding breeding mares
• Feeding foals
• Feeding of stallions
Dr. Csaba Szabó, head of the feeding department of the University of Debrecen, proposed the inclusion of the topic “Feeding sport horses”, and in a few sentences he discussed the possible improvement of the content of the study programme.
After the presentations, Valentina Papić Bogadi, Ph.D., project manager, lecturer at the Križevci College of Agriculture, commented on what was said
and asked the Croatian expert, Željko Gagro, Secretary general of the Croatian Equestrian Federation to share their suggestions.

26.01.2021. workshop held at Križevci College of Agriculture