On Friday, 20.11.2020 as part of the EquiEdu project, Križevci College of Agriculture, together with a team of external experts, paid a one-day working study visit to the Evago and Mirnovec equestrian centers. The aim of the visit was to see the examples of best practice in the Republic of Croatia and to exchange experiences with the owners and managers of the centers related to the implementation of planning and construction of such large centers.

Our expert group first visited the Evago Equestrian Center owned by Mr. Goran Golubiček. It is a modern equestrian center with a superbly equipped hall and outdoor riding arena, and the accompanying infrastructure that meets the strictest requirements for holding not only domestic but also international competitions. Mr. Golubiček spent a very friendly morning with the experts of the working group of the College, presented his experiences of building the Evago Equestrian Center and gave valuable advice that our experts will incorporate into the planning process of the equestrian center for horsebreeding and equestrian sports.


In the second part of the visit, the working group visited the Equestrian Club and Ethno Farm Mirnovec in Samobor. The head of the complex, Mr. Josip Jandrijević, took the working group of the College on a tour, where he explained on the spot how the club works, the accommodation of horses, the organization of events, and how they deal with sports and tourist offer. Members of the working group at the Mirnovec Equestrian Center also had the opportunity to see examples of best practice of a traditionally organized and designed center with stables, a riding arena, a closed hall and accompanying facilities.

Thanks to the selfless transfer of knowledge and experience by the two hosts, this study visit was extremely useful for the further work of the working group for the establishment of an educational center for horse breeding and equestrian sports.

Grand opening of the project
First workshop